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The Basecamp Curriculum membership includes access to:

- MSS 100 - The Shamanic Archetype Workshop

- MSS 101 - What is Modern Soul Science?

- MSS 102 - "Soul Tending" as a Daily Practice

- MSS 103 - Approaching the Modern Call in the Spirit of "Shamanic Psychiatry"

- MSS 104 - The Archetypal Shamanic Initiation Narrative

- MSS 105 - Introduction to the Science of Initiation

- MSS 106 - Jung the Elder

- MSS 107 - Personal Mythmaking for Modern Times

- MSS 108 - Revisioning Jungian Psychology for the 21st Century

- MSS 109 - An Archetypal Approach to Shamanic Practice

- MSS 110 - Ascetic Disciplines and Spiritual Dietas for Toxic Times

- MSS 111 - The Hermetic Archetype

- MSS 112 - Introduction to Modern Shamanic Alchemy

- MSS 113 - The Anatomy of Shadow Work

- Access to the highly moderated Facebook group "Basecampus Commons"

- Dedicated TA support

- Monthly Q and A sessions

Courses Included with Purchase

1-Week Introductory Course
Andrew Camargo
Shamanic Soul Signature + Personal Mandala Workshop
Andrew Camargo
A Survey of the the basic elements of Modern Soul Science - an ideal introduction
Andrew Camargo
MSS 102 - "Soul Tending" as Daily Practice
Andrew Camargo
MSS 103 - Approaching the Modern Call in the Spirit of "Shamanic Psychiatry"
Reclaiming the field of mental health for the shamanic impulse
Andrew Camargo
MSS 104 - The Archetypal Shamanic Initiatory Narrative
Andrew Camargo
MSS 105 - Introduction to the Science of Initiation
Andrew Camargo
MSS 106 - The Hermetic Archetype
Andrew Camargo
Connecting you to the Golden Chain of Hermes as it weaves through history, from Atlantis to the present
Andrew Camargo
MSS 108 - Jung the Elder
A Case Study in a Paradigmatic "Modern Western Shaman"
Andrew Camargo
MSS 109 - Personal Mythmaking Workshop
Learn how to decode the guiding wisdom of ancient and modern mythology, apply it to your life, and unlock the magical dimension of your soul.
Andrew Camargo
MSS 110 - Revisioning Jungian Psychology for the 21st Century
Andrew Camargo
MSS 111 - An Archetypal Approach to Shamanic Practice
Andrew Camargo
MSS 112 - Ascetic Practices and Spiritual "Dietas" for Toxic Times
Spiritual Warrior training: Purify and Strengthen your Ego, your Soul, and your Spirit while living in a toxic spiritual culture
Andrew Camargo
MSS 113 - Introduction to Modern Shamanic Alchemy
Andrew Camargo
MSS 114 - The Anatomy of Shadow Work
Bringing the Clear Light of Knowledge to the Murky Depths of the Soul
Andrew Camargo
The SCIENCE of Safely Navigating Your Shamanic Calling
A crash course in the fundementals of Modern Soul Science
Andrew Camargo

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Your Instructor

Andrew Camargo
Andrew Camargo

My name is Andrew Camargo. I have been studying Archetypal Shamanism, Entheogenic Spirituality, Alchemy, Jungian Psychology, Modern Mythology and Visionary Art for the past 17 years.

I earned my B.A. from Yale University in 2002 studying Literature and Psychoanalysis, when I was introduced to the work of C.G. Jung, and the mysterious Art of Alchemy. In 2009 I earned my M.A. from the Pacifica Graduate Institute studying Jungian Psychology and Mythology. Since 2006 I have participated in and extensively journaled over 400 Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Santo Daime tradition.

Throughout my studies, I realized that the art of spiritual Alchemy was Western civilization’s own version of shamanic initiatory wisdom, and as such, it had something very unique and valuable to offer the modern seeker – provided its arcane symbolic language could be decoded. So I embarked on a sustained effort to decode the magical connection between Esoteric Alchemy and Entheogenic Shamanism, Jungian Psychology, and Modern Mythology...and nothing could have prepared me for what I discovered: A magic key to unlock treasure beyond compare!

I now offer the key to the same treasure in the form of this school, The School of Modern Soul Science, to the ones courageously seeking this particular sort of knowledge.

Yours in fellowship,

Andrew Camargo

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The Basecamp Curriculum starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Over the coming months and years, additional content will be continually added, and existing content will be continually improved.
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you are a member.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unsatisfied with your membership, simply contact us to cancel. You will get to keep the Shamanic Archetype Workbook, which is valued at $200.

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